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Words “Tradition” and “Majority” appear frequently in the circumstances of forcing others to accept a value. In this essay, I will try to prove that only by using “Tradition and Majority decision” as a key to convincing people is not good enough.

The way of delivering “Tradition” and “Majority decision” is lean on “word of mouth” which is not a reliable way of transferring information. In people’s mouths, history became a legend, legend become myth. In the beginning, the myth of Nv’wo heal the sky and Heaven dog eat the moon are all coming from the observance of the natural phenomenons. As a Chinese, we could trust the story and it matches our understanding that the moon changes every month. But the correct description of the phenomenon is not a sufficient necessary condition of the truth.

Following the Tradition and Majority is an expression of consequentialism and empiricist. If the same result keeps appearing every time, it will become a truth. Apart from the result, no one cares about the reason. And most of the time, the reason is difficult to understand by the majority and an interesting story is much easier to be accepted.

Lots of the traditions and the majority’s understandings have been left behind whenever they obey scientific knowledge. Most of the rest ones stay for some reason. Thirty years ago, the Chinese believed that drink a cup of burned paper water would heal diseases. However today, this kind of understanding is appearing to be stupid.

There is no absolute correct experience in the world. The Chinese birth control policy might be suitable for the past, but the government is struggling to abandon it now. Every so-called experience will never always right all the time. Change is the only unchanged.

Only when I am lacking a proper reason, we will use “Tradition” and “Majority” as a key to convincing people. So please just take your objective arguments as the bargaining chips when we are trying to change someone’s value. Be wise or be a goosey?

One more thing: Blindly accept the “Tradition” and “Majority decision” is because of the blind. Take my friend Notme for example. Seeing everyone got married, Notme got married too. Seeing everyone give birth, Notme got a baby too. But Notme never asks why. This brings a result that Notme keeps regret and has no wills to accept reality. What if Notme had a clear mind for his/her every decision, every step he/she take will be much more steady even if his/her partner had a same-sex? Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

“Tradition” and “Majority decision” are just a guideline for us, if we know ourselves well, we don’t need to follow them.

I admit the intention of the essay is to post a photo for little potato 🥔